Advanced Driving-Defensive Driving. Learn the skills of police advanced drivers from Chris Gilbert.

Specialist advanced driving instructor who covered over a million miles teaching police officers advanced 999 and pursuit driving in all weather conditions in perfect safety. Also, driving instructor to Prince William.

Advanced Driving Days
with Chris Gilbert, former Police Sergeant
Specialist Advanced Driving/Pursuit Instructor.

Advanced Driving Course 

Chris GilbertSpecialist Advanced Driving Instructor, probably, one of the UK’s most experienced  advanced driving instructors, with over  a million miles of police advanced driver training experience. Chris has vast experience ranging from teaching ‘L’ drivers in the 1960’s to drivers of  artics (LGV), coach (PCV), Police Instructor Training and Police 999 and Pursuit Advanced Driver Training. He has taught hundreds of police officers to Class one level. He was also a Rospa Advanced Driving Examiner, a DVSA Delegated Driving Examiner for LGV and PCV and a Police Advanced Driving Examiner.

Chris has a very relaxed, understanding and friendly style of coaching; devoid of any form of sarcasm. His manner and delivery creates the best relaxed and calm teaching environment, so effective learning takes place.  He will have the answer to your driving ambitions and problems and help guide you through, in the best way possible, the result you are seeking. Find out more about his advanced driving days here.

  • Metropolitan Police Class 1 Advanced Driver and Certified Police Advanced Driving Instructor
  • Police Advanced Driving Examiner and Staff Trainer
  • Former DVSA Delegated Driving Examiner for LGV & PCV

  • City & Guilds in Competences in Training & Development
  • Highest Grade DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI-A)
  • Former  RoSPA Advanced Driving Examiner
  • Instructor to several members of the royal family

Advanced Driving Days

Chris Gilbert ‘Driving Days’ have been a great success with super car owners, serving police officers, IAM members preparing for the Masters test, RoSPA members, DVSA driving instructors, chauffeurs, driving enthusiasts and with many returning clients.  Clients travel from all parts of the UK and overseas to experience a Chris Gilbert Driving Day, such is his personal reputation and the standard of excellence provided.

To see details of what our clients thought of their ‘Driving Day’ experience please see our Customer Reviews

Photo: client’s McLaren MP4-12c

Chris Gilbert – Specialist Advanced Driving Instructor

Chris spent 22 years of his 30 years police service as a dedicated  Police Sergeant Advanced Driving Instructor based at the World Famous Metropolitan
Police Motor Driving School Hendon, North West London. As a staff instructor he trained dozens of police class 1 drivers to become Advanced Driving Instructors.
He was also a Police Advanced Driving Examiner.
During his 22 years service at Hendon he covered over a million high performance instructional miles without mishap.

A Chris Gilbert Advanced Driving Day is a memorable experience and many clients return several times.