Below you will find answers to some of the commonly asked questions about advanced driving. If you can’t find an answer to your query please do feel free to contact me.

Can you help me improve my on road driving skills?2022-07-22T11:59:45+01:00

Most certainly – that is what I specialise in at advanced level. Find out more about how I can help you improve your driving skills on my advanced driving days here.  If you are looking to learn remotely then my advanced driving DVDs are what you need.

Is Pass Plus an advanced driving course?2022-07-22T11:22:14+01:00

Pass Plus is not an advanced driving course. It is a scheme set up by the DVSA to help new drivers who have recently passed their ‘L’ driving test and includes night driving and motorways driving.

Do you teach ‘L’ drivers ?2022-07-22T11:23:45+01:00

Although I’m qualified to do so I no longer offer such training. Generally, my clients must have a minimum of 2 years driving experience.

I have already passed an advanced driving test can you help me improve further?2022-07-22T11:58:44+01:00

Yes, absolutely! Both civilian advanced driving tests are a very good starting point and many drivers are happy to rest there, having been trained by an Observer. However a higher level of advanced driver training is available from former Police Advanced Driving Instructors like myself – there are just a few of us around the country.  Find out more about the advanced driver training I offer here.

When did advanced driving start?2022-07-22T11:28:25+01:00

Advanced Driving started at the Metropolitan Police Motor Driving School Hendon in 1936. The IAM started a civilian test in 1956 followed by the League of Safe Drivers of which I was an Examiner and later to become RoSPA

What does an advanced driving course cost?2024-03-09T15:00:39+00:00

I have 2 advanced driving courses available: A half day introduction to advanced driving which costs £240, and a full advanced driving day which costs £360.  You can find out more about these courses on this page and read reviews from past clients here. 

Does doing an advanced driving course reduce my insurance?2022-07-28T11:58:30+01:00

It depends upon your insurance company, but do notify them you have completed an advanced driving course as it may lead to a reduction in your premiums. Upon completion of my course you will be presented with a CPD certificate which you can show to your insurers.

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