Advanced driving DVD Customer Reviews

“The best training film on commentary and advanced driving I have ever seen.”
Peter Thwaits, Cambridge

Chris, thank you for making the three DVDs. They have enabled me so secure a pass with RoSPA – They were so helpful and informative. The real benefit has been the commentary instruction for me but all the content has been really good – notably the limit point explanation and emphasis on leaving adequate distance between yourself and hazards in front. It was money well spent and in my mind worth every penny. Now I will continue to use the material to both refresh my technique and get a higher grade in advanced driving. I sincerely feel I owe my ‘pass’ today to spending time absorbing your DVDs. Even my 91 year old father, whom I look after enjoyed the experience. Thank you. My pass in every sense is shared with you….
William Kerr

During three decades, we’ve attended courses on advanced driving and watched countless videos on the subject, but none has inspired us like Chris Gilbert’s Ultimate Driving Craft DVD series. Whether you’re new to driving, need a refresher course, or are working hard to improve your driving to a very high standard, Chris’s programmes offer priceless advice and a clear demonstration of all that’s needed to become a highly perceptive and safe driver. Worth every penny.
Nigel & Lynn Watts-Plumpkin, Powys, Wales.

Your advice to turn eyes onto main beam gained me the RoSPA GOLD award
The RoSPA Gold has always eluded me, so I purchased your DVD. Your expression of ‘eyes on main beam’ made an immediate impact on me and I realised I have been driving with my eyes on dipped for years. So I made a very conscious effort to turn my eyes onto main beam and scan more effectively. Today, I had my re-test and not only did the examiner congratulate me on my commentary he also awarded me that coveted GOLD. Thanks Chris, the ‘eyes’ have it!
Brian Lamerton, Norfolk

Brought to Russia
Thank you for the Excellent DVD. I have bought it while in the UK and brought it to Russia where I live. Very useful, in spite of the fact we drive on the other side of the road. Need to practice myself.
Vladimir Leontenkov

I was blown away
“As it is 100 minutes long, I planned to view it in stages but I was blown away and watched it in its entirety – and will do so again.”
A Goodwin, ROSPA, Vancouver, Canada

“It is excellent, Chris, and a credit to you. It also served as an excellent ‘couch’ refresher course for me.”

E. Wren, President of Advanced Drivers of America Inc., New York, USA

A much needed skill that NZ drivers are overdue for
“I have just had the privilege of watching your excellent DVD on commentary driving, a much needed skill that NZ drivers are well overdue for. Congratulations on producing such a wonderful DVD.”
Les Newth, Commercial Roadskills Ltd., New Zealand

Quite brilliant
“The progressive commentary coaching is, without doubt, quite brilliant. I found the total content highly rewarding. How does the saying go? It does exactly what it says on the label!”
David Clelland, Bristol

My driving has already improved after only 4 days
“I recently purchased your DVD and I have watched it repeatedly, there is so much benefit  to gain and I believe my driving has already improved after only 4 days of watching it”
Nathan Bentley, Fire Fighter, Victoria, Australia

A very enjoyable and informative DVD
“I had heard of commentary driving, but not seen it in practice. It is a very enjoyable and informative DVD, and, as well as your instruction. I also enjoyed seeing the British /London scenery.
Nick Coffey, NSW, Australia

Provides good examples of hazard perception and ways to deal with hazards
“Demonstrating running commentary in various settings contained in the DVD is an excellent approach and provides the viewer with good examples of hazard perception and ways to effectively deal with hazards on the road”
Nancy Anderson. Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Canada