Chris’s clients travel from all parts of the UK, including Ireland and Russia to attend his Driving Days.
Here is a small selection of feedback received:

” I just wanted to say again Chris how much I enjoyed our driving day on Wednesday. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed being in a car quite so much. To have someone sitting next to you who has your advanced police driving skills and can talk you through positioning, speed, braking and general observation techniques and offer such high level of advice was really an eye-opener. The day has renewed my enthusiasm for driving and encouraged me to continue to improve my driving skills. Many thanks again for all you taught me and for such enjoyable and affable company”.

“The most enjoyable and informative driver training session we’ve ever received!

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“My wife and I have been involved with advanced driving since first meeting at a local advanced driving group three decades ago. Over the years, we have attended many hours of tuition and training with both the IAM and RoSPA – where we’ve sat in the passenger seat as observer/tutors – and with the Surrey and Hampshire Police, as well as a few off-road, track and skid-pan events.

Always aware that there’s further practical knowledge to gain, we recently ordered all three of Chris’s excellent Ultimate Driving Craft DVDs because we took to Chris’s unique style of delivery, his mastery of the running commentary and his teachings on keeping a high visual horizon. What we saw and learned was inspirational and a pure joy to watch – so much so that we decided to treat ourselves to a Driving Day with Chris, as well.

Wow! I can honestly say we’ve never had a more rewarding and memorable time while training in the driving seat. Chris’s calm, gentle, but incisive manner prevailed at all times, as we each took to the wheel and he talked us through hazard perception and the correct timing of the features in the system of car control.

Chris’s tireless dedication to the art of advanced driving is awesome and is a testament to his skill, experience and passion. So, cast aside any fears, open your mind, listen and relax! You’ll be changed forever, for the better!”
Nigel & Lynn Watts-Plumpkin, Powys, Wales.

“Thank you Chris for a fantastic day. It was everything I expected and more. The combination of watching your DVDs and the one-to-one tuition in the car has  has taught me so much more about advanced driving. With regard to the high visual horizon I am noticing so much more in the far distance than before. I learnt so much in that day and my confidence as a driver has really been boosted. I would recommend you very highly to anybody who wants to improve their driving skills, and once again thank you for a day I will remember for a long time”.
Malcolm Nash Bridgwater, Somerset.

“I would like to say Big Thank You for the Driving Day that I have experienced recently! Since I bought your first DVD several years ago, I have been wanting to meet you and learn from you. Knowing about my passion on advanced driving, my wife was very kind to give me a present in the way of paying for the Driving Day, so we both flew from Moscow, being very excited and looking forward for the experience! And we both thoroughly enjoyed the Day as well as driving on the “right” side of the road,  in a picturesque English environment! I have learnt many specific things that will stay with me and help me improve my driving style. I was also fascinated by the way you handled the car during your demonstration. Your instructional and coaching style was very encouraging and pleasant – you converted my driving mistakes into opportunities and demonstrated how to become a better driver. Chris, thank you very much! Hope you will have more customers from Russia and other countries in the futures”.
Vladimir Leontenkov – Moscow, Russia 

“Chris, I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic, enjoyable and thought provoking driving day which was every bit as good as I expected.  You very quickly got to the heart of the matter and picked up on areas I needed to improve on and your advice was always constructive and given with great tact and courtesey.  In fact your gentle yet firm encouragement was just what I needed.  Good as your DVDs are there’s nothing like one to one tuition and I’m sure my reading of limit points and timing of approach to hazards will continue to develop using your guidance.  What I took away most of all is the need to be adaptable and flexible to changing circumstances, to use Roadcraft wisely and to ‘believe my eyes’ and positively take opportunities to make progress where I can.  As you say in the Roadcraft DVD back in 1995 we all have something to learn as drivers – well I certainly learnt a great deal during my day with you.
Many thanks again.  MK, Bedfordshire”

“I just wanted to say thank you for a really great day of driving yesterday, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was everything I had hoped for and more. Having personal instruction with you really helped me take my driving to the next level. You mentioned that a full day is quite tiring, and I definitely felt it by the time I got home, but I also felt very energised, and ready to put the learning into practice. Many thanks again for a great day”.
Andy Bradfield – Central London

“Just a line Chris to say thank you for an extremely enjoyable,entertaining, instructional and informative day last Friday. I haven’t stopped talking about it yet, to anyone who will listen. I hope to repeat the experience with you again next year”.
John Main.(eyes on main beam!!) Staffs.

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for a most enjoyable and informative driving day with you last Friday.  I learnt a great deal and am consolidating my learning with the DVDs, which really assist with the learning post-course.  I had previously passed an advanced driving test yet I feel already a marked improvement in my driving.  I am driving with an improved high visual horizon and my progress on winding country roads is more flowing and smooth thanks to a more planned approach using the system.  Also, my approach to roundabouts is smoother and much more fluid, thanks to a plan to stop, look to go approach with ‘split vision’.   Overall I feel I am driving a much smoother, more polished drive than before we met.  I’m going to keep practising and aim for a solid gold on my retest in due course.  It was a real pleasure to be taught by you and I look forward to your next DVD and the next edition of roadcraft”.
Richard Tinkler – Norfolk

“I recently attended a full driving day with Chris. “Excellent” is not a word I often use but on this occasion I have no hesitation in using it. I am an advanced driver trainer and I had a particular set of goals for my driving day with Chris. I have to say that Chris helped me address all of them. His relaxed style and manner put me at ease immediately. He listened carefully to me which really helped to establish rapport and the manner in which he imparted information was second to none. I went to quite a bit of trouble to attend the day as I was traveling from Ireland and I can categorically say that it was more than worth it – in fact I would very much like to do it again next year! His expertise and his ability to explain are exemplary. His support after the day was also of great assistance, which I feel is really important. Excellent day Chris and excellent service, thank you very much!”
Colm Branigan, Dublin, Ireland.

“Thanks for a fantastic day Chris!  I have attended a couple of Advanced Driver Courses with trainers who are only ADI’s with a diploma. I have now experienced with you, the vast difference there is in having a former, highly experienced, Police Advanced Driving Instructor teach me. I now know I have previously wasted my money with instructors who have no idea what advanced driving is.
Thanks a million Chris”.
Bob Peters –  Wiltshire

“I feel as though I have learnt so much in those short hours you spent coaching me. I now feel 100 times more confident than when I started and it is all down to your kind and informative help. I really enjoyed my day learning with you, I have learnt lots without being pressurised or shouted at. Instead you gave constructive critism and lots of praise. I really hope you carry on offering your driving tuition as I think you are a brilliant instructor. Thank you for your time, effort and advice it means a lot to me.”
Isabella Jackson – Kent  ( A new driver)

“Chris I want to thank you for a fantastic day on Monday. Having now had the chance to absorb the day, I cannot thank you enough for everything that I learnt! I also want to thank you for your very encouraging and patient style. I felt that you took a genuine interest in helping me become a better (smoother, safer, better planned) driver. I’m now properly looking ahead at junctions, my eyes are up much more often, and my braking and gear changes are getting smoother. I am also getting a better fuel consumption ( I was averaging 26mpg with you, compared with around 18mpg normally). So, thank you for a day that was incredible value for money, great fun and really helped me improve my driving”.
Tony Ettlinger – Berkshire

“In my 23 years of driving I have driven many different types of vehicle. I also have a Motorsport background with 13 years in rallying as a stage co driver. I’m now an ADI grade 6 with a RoSPA Gold grade and wanted to take my driving to the next level as I’m wanting to teach ‘proper’ advanced driving so I contacted Chris. I did a full advanced driving day and I can’t believe how much more I’ve learnt. The way Chris explained everything from the cornering techniques to the commentary drive was second to none. I really enjoyed the day and feel it has taken my driving to the next level. Thanks again for a very enjoyable, informative eye opening (main beam!) day”.
Stephen Perie – Cumbria

“Just want to say I had a thoroughly enjoyable and deeply enlightening driving day. The time flew by and I came away having absorbed some really valuable learning. I will certainly recommend more people to book a session with you”
David Hopper – Surrey

” I’d like to thank you once again Chris for a fantastic day I had with you recently. It provided a unique opportunity to learn about what advanced driving is really about, and to develop the fundamental skills to a high standard, beyond what would have been available in a typical RoSPA/IAM situation. The ‘High Visual Horizon’ seems all important, but it is only when demonstrated you fully understand what the expression means, and how it’s the key to all advanced driving. The ‘definitive answer’ on the limit point method of cornering is also invaluable, and to continuously adjust the throttle position with respect to effective visible road length. It is also with Chris’s guidance, you can develop a full and useful commentary, an essential part of advanced driving”.
Walter Mann – Nottingham

“In 2010 I was involved in a car accident in which my car was a write off and I received serious injuries. I have since suffered a loss of confidence and many anxious moments when I’m driving. After speaking with Chris on the phone I decided to book a day with him and my husband came too for moral support. I needn’t have worried because Chris was a charming, kind, understanding gentleman and a superb instructor, who guided me through my problems. His explanations were clear and easy to understand and I learnt so much more about driving. My confidence has returned and I am no longer anxious behind the wheel. Thanks Chris, I recommend you highly”.
Glenda Brown – Lincolnshire

“We really enjoyed our instructional day with you Chris. We both feel we have benefited greatly from this. Thank you for putting our eyes on ‘main beam’. I find I am really driving the way you showed us”.
David & Gloria Mortimer – Wiltshire

“My 18 year old son passed his driving test around one year ago. Having heard many sad stories of youngsters lost in pointless accidents and seeing, as we all do, too many flowers strapped to trees in country roads I thought it would be well worth the time spent learning advance driving skills.
My son, William loved the experience – Chris quickly knocked off some of the appalling habits (that dad’s are not allowed to correct!!) and gave him a set of skills that he surely benefited from. The day was thoroughly enjoyable, and sitting in the back of the car I picked up quite a few good tips too. William is very proud of his advance driving certificate – that said he’s not getting his hands on my 911 for another 20 years!
Robert – Wokingham

” When I booked my course, my main purpose was to observe how you would conduct your training and what makes your training different rom many others, to get such a good reputation. I was not disappointed! The aspect of your training that I found most impressive is your timing in delivering your instructions with concise and economical use of words that stands you out from the rest.

Those instructions, either given during the drive or intermittent debriefs, were easily understood and absorbed. Overall, there are so many ‘positives’ I have learned from your course that it would be impossible for me to mention them all here. Last but not least, I have to say that for the quality of the coaching I received, it was second to none and money well spent. I have no qualm in recommending anyone who is passionate in improving their driving techniques further into your course. I will be booking further training with you in the future. I will definitely incorporate your exemplary instructional methods into my advanced driver coaching. Thank you Chris for the valuable and pleasurable experience”.
Eli Se   IAM Qualified Observer – Cheshire

“Good driving, like many worthwhile and demanding activities, is best approached through expert tuition, study and meaningful practice. Although, over the years, I have taken the RoSPA Advanced Test three times, achieving a Gold pass on each occasion, I still regard myself as a student in many areas, which led me to take a full-day course with Chris Gilbert, using some delightful roads in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire. Anyone wishing to improve his or her driving will find Chris’s coaching gentle yet purposeful, his explanations thoughtful and easy to understand, and his friendly encouragement an ideal way of imparting skills. The whole experience was most enjoyable and rewarding”
John Knott – West Sussex

” I am always keen to improve my driving skills, even though I’ve been an advanced driver for a number of years. Having purchased both Chris’s Ultimate Driving Craft DVDs I booked a driving day with him. I received one to one training which was brilliant. I found Chris friendly, always happy to answer any questions throughout the day and he always delivered constructive help and advice. At the end of the course I received my certificate as well as a report of my driving. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to improve their driving skills”.
Terence Salter – Hertfordshire.

“The ‘driving day’ was a very valuable training exercise to refresh my police advanced driving skills – many thanks Chris” Ian Sheppard – Berkshire

“Chris, thank you for an interesting, exhilarating, informative, relaxed and enjoyable day. You  have added a new dimension to my driving skills and my vision is now on full beam! The day was certainly worthwhile allowing consolidation in the afternoon session. The feedback report provided excellent advice for improvement”.
Richard Johnson – Oxfordshire