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It will Improve powers of observation, anticipation, planning, and develop hazard perception to a much higher level. It will also reduce the risk of a collision or a near miss. There is no doubt at all, if all the advice is followed the standard of driving will improve, adding greater safety margins and pleasure to the driving task.


Town and city driving, motorway driving, country roads, bad weather driving, single track roads,making safe progress, intelligent use of speed, positioning for safety, how to approach roundabouts, looking for clues to predict the actions of other road users and much more.
This DVD is ideal preparation for any advanced driving test, for all ADIs  and for police officers selected to attend a police driving course.

For interest the DVD opens with a 999 run and includes clips of driving a full size coach and an articulated vehicle.


The camera has been positioned very close to the windscreen in 16.9 to give the clearest view of the road ahead. Chris will give a continuous explanation of what he can see, what he is thinking and what action he is going to take. In other words, giving a full police instructor’s running commentary. He will use this format to demonstrate best driving practice based on the police driver’s manual – Roadcraft. He will also explain some very important driving techniques.

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Most drivers drive with their eyes on ‘dipped’ …

Driving with eyes on ‘dipped beam’ is a very common fault which produces reactionary driving. In other words, reacting to hazards when they present themselves, rather than anticipating and planning for them. Reactionary driving is unsafe, uncomfortable for passengers, and not an economic way of driving. The photo above shows how with eyes on ‘dipped’ you only see what’s just in front of you.

How to drive with eyes on ‘main beam’….

To overcome this, UK police driving schools have for the past 60 years, taught commentary driving. Describing exactly what you are seeing, thinking, and what you are doing as you drive helps to develop a high visual  driving horizon – so you always scan your eyes to ‘main beam’. This gives more information, more time to assess, superior hazard perception skills and unhurried, skilful, polished driving, the hallmark of advanced driving.

Full commentary 999 run …

An example of how commentary develops the driving thought process the DVD opens with Chris responding to a 999 call in a 3.0 litre Met. Police vehicle, then later, driving a 58 seat coach and then an 18 metre long articulated lorry, all with full detailed running commentary.

Chris will unlock the mysteries of commentary driving…

Chris will explain and demonstrate, in easy stages, the best method of teaching yourself commentary driving. Building from basics up to police advanced level. Many people are put off commentary driving as they try to cram too much in, their driving suffers and they give up. Knowing how to start commentary driving is very important. We are convinced that If every driver learnt just the basics of commentary driving, the collision rate would reduce overnight.

You will be amazed at how much this DVD will improve your driving and hazard perception with just a little practice, whether you are a learner or an advanced driver.

You don’t need to learn commentary to benefit from this DVD …

Customers have told us that just comparing their own observation with the expert observation in this DVD has helped to improve their depth of vision, vision scans and hazard perception.

Learn from one of the UK’s top advanced driving instructors’. Chris Gilbert is a former Police Advanced Driving Instructor and Driving Examiner at the Metropolitan Police Motor Driving School Hendon.

Wherever you drive, whatever you drive…

Ultimate Driving Craft DVD covers town, city, country, motorway and bad weather driving  –  and includes clips of PCV/LGV driving and a 999 call with full running commentary.

For beginners…

This DVD assumes no prior knowledge. The menu lets you build your skills in easy learning stages.You control how quickly you progress. It is ideal preparation for any advanced driving test.

For experienced advanced drivers…

To develop or refresh your advanced driving, commentary skills, use the menu to enter at the stage that suits your own level.

For police drivers…

This DVD to help you prepare for Standard Response and Advanced Car Courses.

For driving  instructors…

The perfect training aid for police and civilian driving instructors, and IAM and ROSPA observers.

Chris Gilbert – EYES ON MAIN BEAM

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